{Drishti Photography} by Tania chatterjee

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  • One of my absolute favorite shots at the wedding!

    This from the morning as the bride was getting ready. It was pure chaos in the hotel room - there was glitter, perfume, and hairspray in the air, and every available surface was covered in clothes, shoes, makeup and jewelry - all combined with about 10 girls rushing to get ready and people constantly going in and out! 

    (Source: drishti-photography)



    I have sort of an obsession with photographing raindrops on spiderwebs. I just find them to be so surreal-looking! Two summers ago, I was learning to photograph them for the first them, and my mom was quite frustrated with me - she kept asking why after every single rainstorm I was crouching in the bushes with my camera in hand?! 


    (via luxlit)

    More gorgeous henna from the henna ceremony!

    Mehendi, or henna, is a part of many South Asian and African cultures, and typically applied on the the bride (as well as other family members) before her wedding. The plant extracts leave a brilliant, dark orange tint on the skin - and they say the darker the tint, the stronger the bride’s love for her groom! :)

    {Henna by Mehendi and More}

    (Source: drishti-photography)


    Tania Chatterjee. 23. Biology student from Baltimore.

    I accidentally got into photography in 2006 while vacationing in New York City, and have been pursuing it ever since. Last fall I finally bought my first DSLR - a Canon Rebel T4i and it’s been a blast photographing with it! I love macro photography - capturing little details that are not normally noticed in the big picture.

    My photography is very much rooted in the Indian culture that I am surrounded by; I love capturing it’s bright colours and many traditions - especially, Indian Classical Dance, of which I have been a student of for the past 17 years. I love capturing dancers as they prepare for the stage - nerves, jitters, excitement, and all!

    My lensblr member page is back up after not working for a while! Added a spiffy new link to my page for it as well :)

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